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This Flattering Amazon Dress Is My Travel Secret to Having an Outfit for Everything — and It’s Less Than $45 

You can thank me later. 

By Kristy Alpert

I am many things — a travel writer, mom, wife, yoga instructor, hiker, amateur surfer, lover of 90s hip hop, etc. — but one thing that I have never been is a crop top girl. After buying and returning countless of them, I had long accepted that my tops will never have crops. But that was until some late-night Instagram scrolling led me to the Amazon-favorite Cflonge Two-Piece Dress, and this drowsy impulse purchase would eventually change everything I thought about them.

Like crop tops, two-piece dresses have become all the rage — especially among shoppers that strive for versatility and ease of styling. The Cflonge Two-Piece Dress is made up of a high-neck, halter-like tank top and a wrap midi skirt. Both pieces are designed to be worn together, but you can easily mix and match them with the other blouses and bottoms hanging in your closet. Plus, the duo is starting at $44, which makes them as little as $22 apiece, which is a steal in my book. 

So yes, I had been influenced, but I was still skeptical (and even debated returning the thing before taking it out of the bag). Nevertheless, I gave it a shot and tried it on — and I’m so glad I did. Much to my surprise, the top was cropped to just the right length, and the faux wrap-around skirt was flattering and comfortable thanks to its elastic waistband, high-rise fit, and tie detail. It’s worth mentioning that the skirt can be worn higher or lower depending on how much skin you want to show, and you could even cover up your entire midsection if that’s more your style. 

Since this fateful try-on, the Cflonge Two-Piece Dress has become one of my favorite travel pieces, and it has saved me tons of space in my suitcase. With just a white tank top, a pair of high-waisted leggings, a light jacket, and this dress, I can be ready for pretty much anything if I’m headed on a weekend trip. In fact, that’s exactly what I packed for a recent trip to California. 

I wore the top of the Cflonge dress with some high-waisted leggings and a jacket for sightseeing and hiking around the Monterey Peninsula; the cropped tank’s lightweight polyester material was breathable during the long trek along the coastline and its elastic hem offered just the right amount of stretch for the activity. Then on the next day, I tucked my trusty white tank top into the maxi skirt and felt ready for a quick lunch with some family friends, but threw the crop top back on so I could wear the set together for a nice evening out in Carmel.

Another perk of the Cflonge Two-Piece Dress is that it’s available in so many colors and styles. Shoppers have their choice of 16 shades to choose from, and can even opt for a cropped, short-sleeve version over the tank top for a different look. And, while it only has 214 five-star ratings, the two-piece set is a clear winner among Amazon customers. One reviewer wrote, “This dress is amazing. The crossover sweep in the front of the skirt is so very flattering and the color is beautiful. It’s easy to wear it as if it was a one-piece.” 

Chiming in, another shopper added, “Overall for the price point, this is a quality-made, stylish two-piece set that would look great on many different frames.” And, a final traveler shared, “I got this in hopes to wear it on vacation and I’m so glad I did. I feel so pretty in the skirt and top.” 

After field testing this outfit on a few summer trips, I finally realized I may have been a crop top girl all along — and maybe I had been trying the wrong crop for my top all along. I’m happy to say my midriff is now enjoying some well-earned airtime after spending so long hiding away, and it’s all thanks to the Cflonge Two-Piece Dress. Add it to your cart for as little as $33 at Amazon, and keep scrolling to check out the must-have dresses that travelers also love.