Refinery29: Best Florida Cities, Hotels, Beaches and More!


Is this the perfect vacation for everyone?

AUG 7, 2014 4:40 PM

It’s affordable (as in, the cheapest beach vacation you can take, most times of the year) and it’s a quick flight from most places on the East Coast (and not that far if you’re in the Midwest, either). For those reasons and more, a lot of people dismiss Florida as too easy an option when they’re looking to book a trip. But, those people are wrong. And, we can prove it. 

First off, it’s a big state, with a lot of very different but equally sunshine-y real estate, and it’s legitimately got something foreveryone. With amazing flight options from pretty much every dream-able destination and tons to offer for every budget, interest, and vacation style, Florida has cornered the market on variety and convenience. 

But, that part you knew. What you might not know: The Sunshine State’s got everything from secluded getaways to scene-centric party spots. Each city seems to play a very unique role in this state’s sightseeing performance — and, you can basically customize your trip, Choose Your Own Adventure-style. Up ahead, a breakdown of our favorite cities and their signature experiences. Time to rethink those three leftover vacation days, huh?

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