The 30 Best Places to Visit in Ireland, Like, Now

IDK, but I’m feeling lucky just thinking about going…


Kinda like St. Patrick’s Day festivities, it literally doesn’t matter if you are zero percent Irish or 100 percent—you can still go to Ireland and have a great freakin time. It’s not hard to love a place that has SO much history and natural beauty (there are happy lil sheep and stunning sunsets everywhere). And it’s really not hard to love the place that gave us both Guinness and Jamie Dornan. Thank you, Ireland. The country is sort of like that girl from college you couldn’t help but love being around: ya know, super friendly and stunningly beautiful, but also super fun to drink with

Ireland is one of the friendliest countries in the world and is home to some of the most scenic backdrops in the world too—I mean, they don’t call it “The Emerald Isle” for nothing. The entire island is made up of 32 counties, and each brings its own flavor and personality to the mix with regional dishes you can taste and local legends. Plus, the pubs are just next level. There are endless reasons (besides just getting lit) to visit this European gem—but we’ve narrowed our list down to 30 best places to visit in Ireland for the ultimate Irish experience.

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