10 Essential Stops on a BBQ Crawl Through Memphis

By Kristy Alpert

Pack your stretchy pants and loosen that belt for some swine dining in Memphis.

There are more than 117 barbecue restaurants in Memphis; more if you count the baby back ribs or chocolate dipped applewood smoked bacon at the Peabody Hotel’s Sunday Brunch. The city is famous for its pork-centric style of ‘cue, where they’re best known for their slow-cooked ribs (either served “dry” or “wet”—sloshed in a tangy sauce) and their slow-smoked pork shoulder barbecue sandwiches. More power to anyone strong enough to withstand the meat sweats-inducing challenge of trying out all 117 restaurants while in town (although many of them now ship around the US!), but there are only 10 essential stops necessary for completing a successful barbecue crawl through Memphis during your trip.


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