Drive the District: Behind the Beard

Behind the Beard: Talking Business and Facial Hair with Beard Supply

The Dallas-based business is taming beards, one hand-crafted oil at a time.

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The friendship shared by Beard Supply co-owners Cody Murphey and John Read has made it through the awkward stages of youth and grown into a lustrous business partnership, with the pair now offering facial hair enthusiasts everywhere the chance to cultivate their own beardliness.

The maker of handcrafted beard oils, this Dallas-based company isn’t your average whisker warehouse. Instead of flimsy merchandise marketed to unshaven hipsters, you’ll find quality products handcrafted for the bewhiskered gentleman. Instead of an “About Us” page on their website, you’ll find a “Manifesto.” And instead of uninspired imports, you’ll find natural ingredients that function as inspiration and protection for wild adventures to come.

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“The idea sparked one evening while Read and I caught up with each over a few beers,” said Murphey, cofounder and product developer for Beard Supply. “I’ve been with beard going on four years now, and that evening Read inquired about how I kept my beard so well groomed and maintained. I told him that I had been using beard oil for a while now, something Read never even knew existed.

“After using a few oils from a few companies that were already in existence, I eventually started creating my own blends,” Murphey continued. “I sent Read a sample one day and he ended up really enjoying the product. Read – being the entrepreneur of the two of us – looked into these products and saw a big opportunity to create something here in Dallas that nobody else was doing.”

With evocative names like Deep Woods, Beard Supply products have gained a cult-like following among the bearded citizenry of Dallas

The duo officially launched their business November 1, 2014, at Untapped Fest, a craft beer and music festival in Dallas. Like Read, most of men that day had never heard of beard oils, but kept a steady line going for more than eight hours to see what the oils could do for their scruff.

“We want our customers to enjoy their experience with us and really move in a direction where beard maintenance is just as important as it is to those who choose to shave on a daily basis,” Murphey said, adding that the oils have made beards more approachable in a city where a whiskered face is often still looked upon as un-groomed.

“I work for a corporate business during the day in which large beards are hard to come by. I can tell you for a fact that beard oil has not only saved my beard from being forcibly shaved, but it has worked so well that I get daily compliments from all over the field. In fact, I’ve had corporate leaders tell me they were envious of my beard. Huge step for beardkind.”

Beard Supply currently offers five different beard oil blends along with a rotating line of seasonal blends. The boys plan to release new products like beard soap and mustache wax in the very near future, and are working on a specialized beard comb and limited-edition grooming kits.