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These Clothes are Trashy (But No, Seriously)

Mad Leaf makes eco apparel look fine.

HERO trashly clothes mad leaf

Brent Martin was raised beneath wide-open skies, with warm natural breezes and low-set horizons that stretched on for miles.

Which is why, when this Southern boy moved out of his Texas home and tried to set roots in the cement desert of Las Vegas, he found himself struggling for air in a city full of waste and redundancy. He was homesick and longing for something a bit more … trashy.

Martin moved to Dallas in 2003 with a new mindset: prove to the world that you can look good while being a good steward of the natural things around you, or, in his words, prove “that people can proactively care for our planet and look damn good while doing it.”

Founder Martin sports a Mad Leaf tee

He opened Mad Leaf on July 11, 2014, and launched his first line of eco-apparel the same day. Mad Leaf is a new kind of apparel company, and is the first in Dallas to offer clothing made out of sustainable and organic materials (i.e., recycled water bottles, organic cotton, etc.).

The company’s mission is to raise awareness of the dangers of conventionally farmed cotton (also known as the world’s dirtiest crop) while disproving unfashionable stereotypes about eco-friendly causes.

The Mad Leaf line is made of sustainable materials like recycled bottles and organic cotton.

“My goal with Mad Leaf is to bridge the gap between environmentalists and people who generally wouldn’t look for an eco-friendly alternative,” Martin said. “I want Mad Leaf to be a cool, fun experience that helps people identify easier eco options. It’s fun to see people’s faces when I tell them the shirts are made of recycled plastic bottles.”

Mad Leaf features amazing designs on everything from men’s apparel and hats to women’s t-shirts and hoodies, all made from sustainable materials. The company takes it one step further and donates $1 for every shirt sold to Clothes4Souls and plans to launch future shirt campaigns soon

“I’ve noticed a spike in eco-friendly events and organizations,” Martin said about the eco-movement in Dallas. “Dallas is not traditionally known as an eco city, but I feel this could change with the right catalyst. I’m hoping thatt will be Mad Leaf. Some people tend to view eco products or eco lifestyles as boring, but I’m here to change that mindset.”